The Michael Ryan Zodda Foundation was created to provide financial support to a medical research team studying brain vascular malformations. We assist in funding The Center for Cerebrovascular Research at The University of California, San Francisco. We hope that Michael’s passing will help others continue their lives. Michael was an extraordinary man who touched so many lives in his brief 25 years. In May, 2010, Michael graduated from Indiana Kelley School of Business with his MBA in Finance and was one month from receiving his Masters of Science in Finance. Michael was diagnosed with blood clots in his brain and the clots formed AVMs. Dr. John Pile-Spellman performed four separate ablation surgeries to remove the AVMs. In spite of the successful surgeries, Michael passed away on July 2, 1010, due to a blood clot in the main artery of his heart. We are committed to carrying on this essential research to find a cure. Because of your generous and continuous donations, we CAN. Thank you for joining our mission.

Our Board of Directors include:

Geoff Zodda                          Todd Goldstein

Dan Livek                               Kim Livek

Jason Richman                    Lauren Bradley

Samantha Safer                   Jeremy Squilla

Robin Livek, Executive Director, can be reached at: