Get Involved

You loved Mike, know someone who did or just want to get involved in supporting a rare disease? December 5th the namesake of our foundation, Michael Ryan Zodda would have turned 33. Here are 33 reasons for you to donate $33 and celebrate Michael’s birthday in the race to fund AVM research and find lasting treatments.

1.  Mike would get down to “I Love the Nightlife” for a donation

2. Mike would trade his Pog set for a donation

3. Mike would break dance in Times Square and Disney World for a donation

4. Mike would bake you an Easter Bunny cake for a donation

5. Mike would be woken up to “hey baby wake up…come and dance with me” for a donation

6. Mike would have opened 32 “tastings” by now for a donation

7. Mike could find 32 reasons to say you are wonderful for a donation

8. Mike was competitive and thrived on challenges and he would aim to beat you for a donation

9. Mike would have allowed you to wash his car for a donation

10. Mike would challenge you to a road race and donate his winnings

11. Mike was a financial wiz and thought “outside the box” leading to a creative reason for you to donate

12. Mike would have let you copy his answers in math class for a donation

13. Mike could walk into a room of strangers and leave with a handful of friends who would donate

14. Mike took care of others and if AVM was important to you, it was important to him

15. Mike would give you 32 bear hugs for every dollar you donated

16. Mike’s smile and glint in his eye could convince anyone to donate

17. Mike would give you his newly purchased Calvin Klein pinstripe suit straight off his back if you donated

18. Mike would donate for your cause even if he didn’t have the money

19. Mike would speed on over on his race bike to collect your donation

20. Mike would make sure you ate all your meals at Roy Rogers until you donated

21. Mike would come up with a logical reason for you to donate your lottery winnings

22. Mike would eat a gourmet dog treat for a donation

23. Mike would walk through a mall wearing bike shorts for a donation

24. Mike would make 32 funny faces for 32 dollars

25. Mike has at least 32 friends that your donation means the world to

26. Mike would have sold lemonade in the front yard for a donation

27. Mike would have helped you stage a garage sale of your parents’ stuff without permission to help someone with AVM

28. Mike would shoot 32 baskets for your donation

29. Mike would match your donation with Berkshire Hathaway stock

30. Mike would donate to any cause his friends and family supported simply because they did

31. Mike would have ridden his bike 32 miles for a donation

32. Mike would give you 37 reasons although there are only 33 here for a donation

33. Mike would enjoy the current political landscape and the Hollywood scandals.

How can YOU get involved and improve the lives of AVM sufferers?

You can get involved by donating through our website 100% of proceeds go directly to AVM Research.

You can sponsor a fundraiser or donate items for silent auctions/raffles.

Share our website and our cause with your friends through social media.

You can attend our fundraising events throughout the year. Be a member of Mike’s Team.

If you have a fundraising idea that you would like to share with us, please contact Robin Livek at

Thank you for your generous support of our very important mission.